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... ending homelessness isn't a matter of charity, but a matter of changing the way our society is structured. -- Homelessness Marathon founder, Jeremy Weir Alderson, aka Nobody.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

11th Annual Homelessness Marathon Schedule

The Homelessness Marathon is divided into short (5-minute) prerecorded segments and longer (53 minute) live segments. All times are eastern.

The broadcast starts at 7 p.m., EST, on Wednesday, Feb. 20th and ends at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 21st.

Hour 1 - SHORT: Welcome from "Nobody" (live)
(7pm) LONG: A panel of homeless Nashvillians.

Hour 2 - SHORT: Performing A One Night Count
(8pm) LONG: Homelessness in Music City - Part 1 - The Civic View.
Co-hosts: George Gruhn, CEO of Gruhn Guitars and Howard
Gentry, Chairman, Mayor's Homelessness Commission.

Hour 3 - SHORT: Housing First
(9pm) LONG: Homelessness in Music City - Part 2 - The Street
View. Co-Hosts: Father Charlie Strobel, founding director,
Campus for Human Development, and Patricia Bryant, a
currently homeless Nashvillian.

Hour 4 - SHORT: Poetry by Homeless Teens
(10pm) LONG: National Hour I - A survey of homelessness in three cities
in the east and midwest.

Hour 5 - SHORT: Homeless Vets
(11pm) LONG: Homelessness, Crime and Criminalization. Co-Hosts:
Matt Leber, organizer, Nashville Homeless Power Project
and Tulin Ozdeger, civil rights director, National Law
Center on Homelessness and Poverty.

Hour 6 - SHORT: Street Poetry
(mid) LONG: "The War and The Poor - Co-Hosts: Norman Solomon,
author of "War Made Easy" and Frances Fox Piven, author
of "The War At Home: The Domestic Cost of Bush's

Hour 7 - SHORT: Addressing Rural Homelessness
(1am) LONG: The Fight in Fresno - A live remote from Fresno, CA.

Hour 8 - SHORT: A Homeless Job Program
(2am) LONG: The Working Poor. Co-Hosts: William Miles, Nashville
Jobs with Justice, Cornell Professor of Sociology
Thomas Hirschl.

Hour 9 - SHORT: Registering Homeless Voters
(3am) LONG: National Hour II: A survey of homelessness in three cities
on the West Coast, including Los Angeles.

Hour 10 - SHORT: Generational Homelessness
(4am) LONG: International Hour. Co-host to be Peter Fredriksson,
senior adviser to the Housing Ministry of Finland.

Hour 11 - SHORT: Homeless School Kids
(5am) LONG: Fighting Back - Co-Hosts to be Cheri Honkala, director
of the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign,
Paul Boden, director of the Western Regional Advocacy
Project and Clemmie Greenlee, this year's "Nashvillian
of the Year!"

Hour 12 - SHORT: Street Poetry
(6am) LONG: Health Care and Homelessness. Co-hosts, John Lozier,
Director National Health Care for the Homeless, and
co-host TBA.

Hour 13 - SHORT: TBA
(7am) LONG: Will the Foreclosure Crisis Drive People to the
Streets? Co-hosts Danilo Pelletiere, research director,
National Low Income Housing Coalition and a co-host TBA.

Hour 14 - SHORT: TBA
(8am) LONG: First: Where Is The Housing? Co-Host, Jeremy Rosen,
executive director, National Policy and Advocacy
Council on Homelessness. Next: TBA