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... ending homelessness isn't a matter of charity, but a matter of changing the way our society is structured. -- Homelessness Marathon founder, Jeremy Weir Alderson, aka Nobody.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Homelessness Marathon Kicks Off via KMPH News

Homelessness Marathon Kicks Off via KMPH NewsClick onto image to be redirected to source page in order to view archived video and read transcript, here [via KMPH News; Fresno, CA].
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Anonymous said...

bloomington indiana 47401 does not care about people at all the jail has beed full for three years
and no beds that are free we have people in four courty come here 10,000 vet in and around here 10,000 people who are on the buble
of one check no health at all insurace no food no place too stay for free goverment take a years to
get us help thank you

Anonymous said...

by the way we have a plasma
blood place here to give blood
for money i know butt good health people give blood for money to the
homeless in bloomington indiana
47401 too get new bed or a bulding
for the homeless would be good
not contral by the goverment at all
a locaol thing too do
bllomington indiana need help now
for the homeless

Anonymous said...

allso deparment store here in bloomington indiana 47401 can
give 5% of their money their
people recicts too homeless we do not do that why help us now receipt
of money we do not do this at all why