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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In the News: Fresno's homeless


Recent discussion about Fresno's homeless has been fueled, in part, by criticism heaped on the city by a federal judge and some national advocates, including one who is coming to town Tuesday to broadcast a national radio show.


A national advocate says he decided to air a radio broadcast in Fresno after hearing about a number of the city's controversial tactics, including penalizing shopping-cart thieves, throwing away possessions during encampment raids and fencing off places where the city's destitute gather.

Jeremy Weir Alderson, a broadcaster from New York state, says he will interview some of Fresno's homeless and several local advocates during a 14-hour radio show scheduled to begin Tuesday afternoon.

Alderson airs his show from a different city each year and targets places that have made national headlines for their handling of the homeless. His 10th annual Homelessness Marathon will begin at 4 p.m. and be carried locally on KFCF 88.1 FM.

Fresno First Mexican Baptist Church will host the show, which will be made available to Pacifica Radio Network, allowing stations throughout the country to broadcast it.


Read the entire article, here [via The Fresno Bee; Monday, February 19, 2007 (includes photos as well as blog post type of commenting featuring available at bottom of page)].


I am A. John Doe Homeless said...

You think you have a problem. I have a problem with our elected representatives who make decisions affecting everyone’s life and well being, having the stupidity (especially the arrogance), while the economically challenged strive to live within their means and attempt to better their situation under the extreme hardships already existing…to think a solution would be to create a new law making it a crime and are violating Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights. This all seemed to increase since Homeland security became an accepted catch phrase! The same mentality of firing a shotgun into a crowd to make sure they hit the target!!?! Not only did they restore vagrancy laws that were abolished, the police have been ambitious to use Gestapo type tactics (enforcing a created crime).

The 9th District Federal Court has ruled making a crime to be homeless violates the 8th amendment, something I have been advocating since the “new” laws were put into play. Sonoma County, and a few others arrogantly continue to violate civil rights.
I’m seeking assistance to pursue a lawsuit for civil rights violations on behalf of all the John & Jane Doe Homelesses who have been charged illegally with the crime and who have had to pay with frustration, stress let alone finance and loss of time. A little legal experience can be of great help here. Any finances recovered can help provide assistance to needy programs, but primarily I intend to give a reason to discourage the powers-to-be from ever being so stupid again with brash attempts in the future!! The only effective way to give them a reason to check themselves is remind them of consequences… call it a stupidity charge!
Either EXERCISE your Rights or they will be EXORCISED!!!
I am A. John Doe Homeless

Anonymous said...

Instead of blaming stupid politicians- Lets Blame Ourselves, for not educating them. We can make our own education regime of politicians better. We cannot do a thing to improve the arrogance of an elected leader.
I am writing to tell the readers about an Historic conference, billed” as taking up where Martin Luther King Jr. work left off” I am in Maine, and I have found the number one cause of homelessness being poverty. So This Poverty conference in Kentucky , July 16-19 2009- is just what I want. To gather stream, bring people from all walks of life together, and have another Civil Rights Movement, for the Poor of all colors.
Anyone wanting to attend will be welcomed. Their might be sponsorships for those who cannot afford the reasonable conference fees. Go to www.SWAA.org for more details